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Strip Club Reviews

Strip Club Reviews

We are dividing this section into three parts. Reviews by us and our staff, reviews by registered members, and reviews by the strippers who do or have worked there.

No anonymous, cowardly reviews will be accepted. If you canít take the time to register, then you can not post a review.

All registrants have ip addresses logged, and if we find you break any of our terms and conditions we may deleted any and all posts and reviews, as well an permanently ban your ip address.

The reviews posts here mean something. Members who post more reviews are given more wieght as they are deemed helpful by others as well.

Please remember our review rules which are posted here. Some very important reasons we have rules (and your review will nto get posted if the moderator sees any of these broken).

When reviewing a club on an idle Sunday night, it will never compare to another club on a Friday at midnight. We require the day of the week and time of visit so people can compare apples to apples. When looking to visit a club for a Thursday lunch special, you certainly can not take into consideration the review that someone gives who is in the middle of a bachelor party on a Saturday night.

So follow rules, and be real. If a place did something wrong, or did something right tell us.


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